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Do you need help recording for an audition or capturing a live recording. We have over 20 years of professional performance experience and have been capturing recordings of these performances for archival and audition purposes. We'll handle all of the logistical and technical elements so you can focus on your performance. We offer a full-service audio-video production services including high quality audio/video and editing services. Contact us today to schedule a recording date!

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Video Production

Simple and artistic. Your audition videos will showcase your artistic mastery as if the panel was in the room hearing you play live. 

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High Quality Audio Recording

Recording on SE VR2 Ribbon Microphones will produce a detailed, open, and natural sound.


Audio Post Production

All final recording projects will include post production normalization and editing in order to maximize your sound. More extensive editing can happen when necessary, however, the goal of each session will be to capture your audition experience as if it were a live performance. 


Professional Musician as Audio Engineer

Your sound engineer will bring over 20 years of professional performance experience into the editing of your recording to maximize your sound in the space where it was recorded. 


Remote Recording

All of our equipment is portable and we prefer to work in your environment so you are most comfortable in making the best recording possible. Additional charges may apply if traveling outside of southeastern Massachusetts. 


Master Recordings Provided To You

You own the masters. All final products will be delivered to you in MOV and MP4 format so you can use them in whatever application you may need. 

Sample Recordings

Miles per Hour by Regina Harris Baiocchi

Spencer Aston, Trumpet

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